Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

We offer industry-leading performance by Hydramaster cleaning and the latest RX20 power unit.  This powerful 72 lb unit has 5 heads that contact the carpet and rotate at 130 RPM equaling the powerful scrubbing action of 650 passes per minute as it glides and loosens soil and debris from your carpets.  This process uses 200 degree steam/water delivered at 300 psi with environmental friendly products that will clean and sanitize your carpets and add years to their life span.  The high temperatures and high-powered vacuum 385 CFM extracts the soil & contaminates suspended in the water with gentle rotary actions which  allows thorough scrubbing and fast dry process.   

Hydramaster Tile Cleaning

Our Hydramaster Boxer 421 unit can deliver up to an impressive 1,000psi.  This along with our environmentally yet powerful cleaning products in an enclosed cleaning bonnet allows deep cleaning like a pressure sprayer with out all the mess.  When we are done the floors and grouts will be sanitized and look new again.

Hunter Douglas Onsite Cleaning

Onsite specialized cleaning. GUARANTEED NO DAMAGE OR SHRINKAGE.  We can clean any type of window covering fabric in any configuration right where it hangs, including but not limited to All of Hunter Douglas window coverings.  Luminette*Privacy Sheers, Silhoute* Window Shades, Vignette* window shades, Duette* Honeycomb shades, Millenia* collection, Jubilance* Roman Shades, Applause* Honeycomb shades, Serenette Softfold*nShadings

Upholstery Cleaning

When it comes to upholstery we turn our powerful Hydramaster unit  down yet we deliver the proper PH balanced cleaning products to give the best stain and soil removal.  We provide gentle brush action to loosen the stubborn soiled areas.  When we are done they have a fresh aroma and feel again.